Friday, January 9, 2009

TLC winter creations

These are photos of some of the scarves I have made for family and friends this season.There may be some snaphoos that can be seen by the professional eye, but I always try to do my best work on every item. When making each scarf I have taken into account what type of design would be most suitable for each person. In most cases, the person I was creating the scarf for chose their own color(s) and maybe I added another accent or contrast color to show off the pattern. I cannot take full credit for any of the designs. I found patterns online and tweeked them and/or added my own embelishments to them. It is amazing how many different designs you can get out of a couple of stitches along with a few increases or decreases. My fellow crocheting buddies know what I mean. I hope you all enjoy the photos. Please feel free to leave your comments.

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