Thursday, July 2, 2009

Blocking acrylic yarn

Ok..Im sure you avid yarnies won't believe this, but today I accomplished my first successful blocking attempt. (I should have taken a picture while it was laid out.) This week's project is another knit ripple purse like the one shown in post "June FOs". I wanted to block it to make it easier to work with in attaching the lining.

I put a towel over a piece of cardboard and using stick pens, pinned the edges of both sides of my acrylic fabric being careful to secure the pin into the cardboard. Then I sprayed the edges with water, put another towel over my fabric and lightly steam ironed over all four edges. I left my fabric pinned to the cardboard and allowed a couple of hours to dry and VOILA!!!!!!!!!! Perfectly blocked and no more curled up edges.

As my fabric was blocking I cut out and stitched my canvas shaping piece.My next step is to attach the lining to the canvas, attach the handle strap, and attach the complete lining inside the purse.

I also want to use this post to say again....."I Love This Yarn"!!!!!!! (see post "yarn shopping")

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