Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My First.....

I remember my first day of school like it was last year. I was sooo excited to go and play with so many other children. I was an only child at the time so being around other kids was a luxury. I remember my mom crying as she gave my hand to the teacher. I had no idea why she was so emotional....lol ( I understand now.) Before the end of the day, she came back to get me. LOL Awwwww maaannn!!!

Ok, I just had another first that I am very excited about. I have a list of new things to knit or crochet during the spring and summer. Last weekend I crocheted my first pair of fingerless gloves. I found an easy pattern on ravelry and absolutely loved it, although the first glove I made was too large for my hand. It was a good dry run. I improvised the pattern by using an accent color to edge the top of the glove, attach the thumb and add a decorative flower. I made a headband to match the gloves and wore the set to church on Sunday. I got several compliments and a couple of orders too.

I made a second pair and added shell stitching around the cuff of the gloves and a matching belt. Im planning to wear this set later in the week. Hopefully, I will get some more orders.

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